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BBC 1 East - channel number 101
01:15Weather for the Week Ahead[SUB]
01:20BBC News[SUB HD]
06:00Breakfast[SUB HD]
Round-up of national and international news, plus the latest from the money marketsNational News/International News/General Social/Political Issues/Economics
09:15Rip Off Britain[SUB HD]
Series 6. Episode 6/20
The customer service of six energy companies to the test, revealing which big name is likely to answer a complaint the fastest, and which the slowest. Plus, presenters Angela Rippon, Julia Somerville and Gloria Hunniford explores ways to save money on bills and report on a family whose boiler cover did not offer protection during the winter, resulting in several months without heat or hot waterAdvertisement/Shopping
10:00Homes Under the Hammer[SUB REP]
Series 15. Episode 74/100
Developers Lucy Alexander and Martin Roberts explore a house in Sunderland, a flat in Streatham, south London, and a cottage in Somerset, learning who bought them and what they paidDIY
11:00Saints and Scroungers[SUB AD HD]
Series 6. Episode 1/20: Charity Fraud Boss
New series. Return of the programme offering an insight into the world of benefit claimants, including people who abuse the system. In the first edition, Matt Allwright explores a charity scam that saw a couple steal benefits from the vulnerable adults they were supposed to be helping. Plus, he meets an eight-year-old girl who is living life to the full after her mother fought for the help she desperately neededDocumentary
11:45Caught Red Handed[SUB HD REP]
Series 2. Episode 16/20
Dominic Littlewood reveals how a woman betrayed a friend's trust by trying to steal from a till, before modern technology caught her in the act. Plus, a thief who left a trail behind him after carrying a stolen safe through the streets of LondonGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics
12:15Bargain Hunt[SUB AD REP]
Presenter Tim Wonnacott visits Newark, Nottinghamshire, where battle commences between two wives and their husbands as they scour an antiques fair for bargains to sell for profit at auction. Experts Jeremy Lamond and Paul Laidlaw are on hand to helpGame Show/Quiz/Antiques/Collectibles
13:00BBC News; Weather[SUB HD]
13:30BBC Regional News and Weather[SUB]
Regional News/Weather
13:45Doctors[SUB AD HD]
Series 16. Episode 95/219: Charlie's Angel
Karen hopes to reunite a lascivious mother with her betrayed daughter, and Mandy tries to convince Catriona to go to the police. Meanwhile, Kevin and Poppy go on a dateSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
14:15Perfection[SUB HD]
Series 5. Episode 1/60
New series. Nick Knowles hosts the general knowledge quiz in which contestants can win a rolling jackpot that starts at £1,000, but only by achieving perfection. If they fail in their bid, the money is carried over to create a bigger cash prize in the following gameGame Show/Quiz
15:00Escape to the Country[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 13. Episode 17/75: Dorset
Jonnie Irwin helps a creative couple buy a property in Dorset on a budget of £500,000, and meets a local farmer who also happens to be one of the leading British producers of characteristically French cuisineDIY
15:45A Taste of Britain[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 16/20: Kent
Janet Street-Porter and Brian Turner head to the Oare Marshes in Kent, where they tour the ancient town of Faversham and visit one of the UK's only snail farms. Inspired by their trip, Brian cooks a snail frittata and Janet enjoys a walk through the South Swale nature reserve before the duo explore The Goods Shed Farmers Market in Canterbury. Plus, chef Rafael Lopez uses local ingredients to create a lunch of lamb cutlets and vegetablesCooking/Tourism/Travel
16:30Antiques Road Trip[SUB HD]
Series 9. Episode 1/20
New series. Antiques experts Charlie Ross and Christina Trevanion set off on a trip around Britain seeking out bargains they hope will make a profit at auction. They begin their journey in Inverness, in the Highlands, before heading south to an auction in Bo'nessAntiques/Collectibles
17:15Pointless[SUB HD]
Series 11. Episode 50/55
Quiz show in which pairs of contestants try to score the fewest points possible by giving the least obvious correct answers to questions posed to 100 people before the show. At the end of each round, the team with the most points is eliminated until the final two pairs battle for the chance to compete for a cash prize. Presented by Alexander Armstrong and Richard OsmanGame Show/Quiz
18:00BBC News[SUB HD]
18:30Look East[SUB]
Regional News
19:00The One Show[SUB HD]
The first visit of the week to the One Show studio, where Matt Baker and Alex Jones present the usual mix of topical stories and celebrity chatGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics
19:30Inside Out[SUB]
Series 26. Episode 4/9
David presents a report on living with noisy neighbours, asking what level of sound is reasonable and how to stop it, as well as how the Scottish referendum might affect the East of England. Plus, with one of London's most important shipwrecks, The London, rapidly falling to pieces on the seabed off Southend-on-Sea, a report on the hunt to savage some of the artefactsDocumentary
20:00EastEnders[SUB AD HD]
Phil's stag do looks to be a night of surprises as both Jay and Shirley have plans for the groom. Before putting on a night of free drinks and food at the Vic in his honour, Shirley drops by Phil's house for a pre-stag warm-up but is forced to make a speedy exit when Jay turns up ready to take the stag to meet a special guest. Roxy and Charlie find themselves getting better acquainted as he helps her finish off Sharon's wedding favours, only for Roxy to discover she has been snubbed as the bride-to-be selects Linda as her matron of honour. Lauren is delighted to be invited to the wedding as Dean's plus one, while Abi worries about Jay's real feelings regarding their impending relocationSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
20:30Scotland: The People's Voice - Panorama[SUB HD]
Paul Kenyon meets ordinary people who voted in the Scottish referendum, which, in a closely run race, saw a `No' vote prevail, meaning Scotland will continue to remain a part of the United Kingdom instead of becoming an independent country. Following the result, First Minister Alex Salmond, who spearheaded the Yes campaign, has resigned his position, stating that the Scottish National Party would `benefit from new leadership'Documentary
21:00New Tricks[SUB AD HD]
Series 11. Episode 6/10: Romans Ruined
The discovery of a Roman sword with traces of blood on it is linked to an unidentified, headless corpse found near Heathrow in March 2008. It leads the team members to a lock-up belonging to a bodybuilder called Mark Rix, who died of a suspected heart attack the same year, so they start looking for connections between the original murder and Rix's death. They are helped in their investigation by anthropologist Fiona Kennedy, for whom Dan begins to develop feelings - just as he is told his wife might be discharged from the secure hospital where she has spent the past several years. Tracy-Ann Obermann and Liz White guest starDetective/Thriller
22:00BBC News[SUB HD]
22:30BBC Regional News and Weather[SUB]
Regional News/Weather
22:40Cat Wars[SUB AD HD]
There are more than 10 million cats in the UK, which is great news for lovers of the humble moggy but not so great for those who simply can't stand them - and as this programme proves, some will go to great lengths to keep them away. They include a Somerset retiree, who has called in an expert to rid his vegetable patch of fouling felines, and a retirement community near Birmingham, which is over-run with feral cats. However, it seems only half the residents want to evict the furry freeloaders - the others have become quite attached to their four-legged visitors. Which sums up the general feeling about the animals - for every hater, there's a lover, like Silvana and her 50 pet cats, or Helen, who likes nothing more than to take her moggies for a stroll round the block in a baby buggy. This documentary examines the varied relationship between humans and catsGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics
23:25Mad City[SUB]
A disgruntled security guard holds a group of museum-goers at gunpoint in a misguided bid to get the attention of his employer - and to make matters worse, one of the hostages turns out to be a manipulative reporter who is quick to turn the situation to his advantage. Drama, starring John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Alda and Mia KirshnerFilm/General Movie/Drama