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Channel 4 - channel number 104
00:00The Shooting Gallery[SUB]
Series 3. Episode 1/6
New series. The strand showcasing the work of promising new directors returns with two debut features. The first, The Boy with a Camera for a Face is a satirical tale of an unusual lad forced to view life through a lens, while the second, Worm, tells the tale of a deceased father who returns to comfort his bereaved son in the form of a wormGeneral Arts/Culture/General Movie/Drama
00:30Embarrassing Bodies[SUB REP]
Series 7. Episode 3/7
Christian Jessen meets a patient with an extremely sore penis, a woman born without a vagina and a builder whose mystery allergy has left his skin weeping all over. Family man Alan, who was left paralysed from the waist down after a motorbike accident, visits Pixie McKenna to find out how it would feel to stand again. Can the latest technology fulfil his dream? In Magaluf, the doctors treat the walking wounded for their holiday mishaps and Pixie catches up with the four volunteers the morning after the night beforeGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics/Medicine/Health
01:25Scandal[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 15/22: Boom Goes the Dynamite
Senator Peter Caldwell hires the team to act as high-powered matchmakers for his brother Will, an aspiring politician who has not been in a relationship for more than a decade and needs a wife to boost his public image. Meanwhile, David turns to Olivia for help when he suspects someone is following him. American drama, starring Kerry WashingtonGeneral Movie/Drama
02:15Revenge[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 5/22: Control
Daniel makes a startling statement at a party, and it becomes clear that Emily may be losing control of her intricate plan for vengeance. Meanwhile, the emergence of a new enemy forces Jack to make a decision. Drama, starring Emily VanCamp, Joshua Bowman and Nick WechslerSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
03:05Dirty Weekenders in France with Richard E Grant[SUB AD HD REP]
The self-confessed curio hunter takes a trip to France to explore the world of professional antique hunters and dealers who seek out hidden treasures at flea markets and shops all over the country, hoping to find items that will sell in the UK. The actor is joined by two dealers to discover the stories behind a variety of vintage finds, as well as exploring the history and culture of the areas they visit. But can they recover their outlay in a weekend?Antiques/Collectibles
04:00River Cottage Veg[SUB HD REP]
Series 16. Episode 6/7
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall continues his mission to follow a vegetarian diet for summer, but business at the farm carries on as usual - meaning he must still take two of his sheep to slaughter. He also accepts a challenge set by a local pub landlady to produce meat-free meals at affordable prices, and presents her customers with dishes featuring golden squashes and foraged mushrooms, as well as two unusual flavours of ice-creamCooking
04:55Kirstie's Vintage Gems[SUB HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 16/22: Doormat and Coasters
Kirstie Allsopp introduces new crafts, skills and techniques for interior decoration. In today's edition, she reveals how to create a personalised vintage doormat and coasters, using spray paint, old tiles and serviettesGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics/General/Handicraft
05:05Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD REP]
Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel EdmondsGame Show/Quiz
06:00Countdown[SUB HD REP]
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with Anton Du Beke presiding in Dictionary CornerGame Show/Quiz
06:453rd Rock from the Sun[SUB REP]
Series 3. Episode 27/27: Eat, Drink, Dick, Mary
Part one of two. Tommy reveals his cooking ability, Sally looks forward to a night of passion, and Dick plans an anniversary surprise for MarySitcom
07:103rd Rock from the Sun[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 1/24: Doctor Solomon's Travelling Alien Show
Part two of two. Discovering Harry has been kidnapped, the other aliens begin searching for him, but their efforts are hampered by the Big Giant Head, who is punishing them for not filing their reports by shutting down Dick's higher brain functions. Comedy, starring John Lithgow, Jane Curtin, Kristen Johnston and French StewartSitcom
07:35The King of Queens[SUB REP]
Series 3. Episode 20/25: Separation Anxiety
During the Palmers' separation, Doug and Carrie quarrel about allowing Kelly to go on a date. Comedy, starring Kevin James and Leah ReminiSitcom
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 3. Episode 18/26: Ray Home Alone
Debra takes Ally and the twins to her parents' house, leaving Ray at home by himself - and he finds it impossible to get to sleep. American comedy, starring Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton and Peter BoyleSitcom
08:30Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 3. Episode 19/26: Big Shots
A desperate Ray does everything he can to get to the front of the queue to meet the New York Mets 1969 team at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Comedy, starring Ray RomanoSitcom
09:00Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 22/24: Are You Being Served?
Niles receives divorce papers from Maris - and to show he is not as spineless as people think, he signs them immediately. Later, though, he begins to regret his impulsiveness. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde PierceSitcom
09:30Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 23/24: Ask Me No Questions
After Niles asks him whether he should stay with Maris, Frasier wanders the streets in film-noir fashion to find an answer for his long-suffering brother. Comedy, starring Kelsey GrammerSitcom
10:00Undercover Boss USA[SUB HD]
Series 5. Episode 12/15
Joe DiDomizio, CEO of travel retailer Hudon Group, goes undercover to ensure the company is fighting fit for the future. The businessman hopes to find that the company's vow to be `the traveller's best friend' is being upheld by his employeesDocumentary
11:00Come Dine with Me: Ireland[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 31/35: Cork Day 1
Contestants in Cork try to outdo each other by throwing the perfect dinner party. First up hoping to secure the 1,000-euro prize is 27-year-old `hippy chick' Keira O'Connell, who will be wining and dining ex-lawyer Fiona Buckley, hairdresser Joe Byrne, beauty shop owner Mary Rossiter, and second-hand retailer Bill GalvinCooking/Game Show/Quiz
11:30Come Dine with Me: Ireland[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 32/35: Cork Day 2
Hair salon owner Joe Byrne prepares the second dinner party in Cork, hoping his Mad Hatter-themed evening will win him the 1,000 euro prize. The gathering does not get off to a good start when the host, having already made himself unpopular with a rival, forgets to pick up the steaks for his main courseCooking/Game Show/Quiz
12:00Channel 4 News Summary[SUB]
Includes news headlines and weatherNews/Weather
12:05Come Dine with Me: Ireland[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 33/35: Cork Day 3
Beauty-shop owner and perfectionist Mary Rossiter requests that her guests arrive overdressed and expecting glamour at the third dinner party in Cork. The food goes down better than the conversation, as Mary's blunt analysis of the other contestants causes offence, but her wedding singer husband is on hand to ensure the night ends on a high noteCooking/Game Show/Quiz
12:35Come Dine with Me: Ireland[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 34/35: Cork Day 4
The fourth host in Cork is ex-hotel waiter turned wheeler-dealer Billy Galvin, who came into the gathering having been critical and opinionated all week, culminating in a clash with hairdresser Joe Byrne. Now he has a new tactic and is planning to transform himself into `nice Billy' to charm his guestsCooking/Game Show/Quiz
13:05Come Dine with Me: Ireland[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 35/35: Cork Day 5
Former lawyer Fiona Buckley, now a nut trader, puts on a black-tie evening as she hosts the final dinner party in Cork. She suffers an early setback when her fellow diners find hairs in the smoked salmon starter, but hopes her belly of pork main course will be enough to win her the 1,000 euro prize. Last in the seriesCooking/Game Show/Quiz
13:40Four in a Bed[SUB HD]
Series 10. Episode 7/20
The owners of Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in Cumbria, Westward Cottage in Suffolk, Roulotte Retreat in Melrose on the Scottish borders and the Elgin Hotel in Blackpool compete for the coveted best B&B title. An argument over what one participant believes is mould on his mattress threatens to sour the mood, while one pair hope to prove that their 89-room establishment is capable of providing a personal touchGeneral Show/Game Show
14:40Countdown[SUB HD]
Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley present the words-and-numbers game, with Anton Du Beke presiding in Dictionary CornerGame Show/Quiz
15:30Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD]
Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel EdmondsGame Show/Quiz
16:30Ultimate Dealer[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 12/15
Free-spending Kevin buys as much as he can get his hands on when he goes up against textiles specialist Maire, who decides to stick to what she knows best. Whoever makes the biggest profit at auction will progress to Friday's finalAntiques/Collectibles
17:00Couples Come Dine with Me[SUB HD]
Three Blackburn couples compete to host the best dinner party and win a cash prize. Married pair Howard and Lisa kick things off but fail to impress everyone with their menu, while the dinnertable talk at duo Michael and Jenni's home fails to get pulses racing and housework-loving couple Luke and Louise make a mess of one of their coursesCooking
18:00The Simpsons[SUB AD REP]
Series 14. Episode 8/22: The Dad Who Knew Too Little
Homer realises he knows very little about Lisa and tries to fill the gaps in his knowledge by hiring a dodgy private detective to spy on her - only to end up on the wrong side of the law. With the guest voice of Elliott GouldAnimated Movie/Drama/Sitcom/Comedy
18:30Hollyoaks[SUB AD HD]
Following the latest development in Fraser's murder investigation, the finger of suspicion points at one of the Roscoes, while Sam is shocked to be faced with a very unwelcome blast from her past. Sinead and Tony play with fire, while Blessing begins to think Dennis may be having an affairSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
19:00Channel 4 News[SUB]
Including sport and weatherNational News/General Sports/Weather
20:00Kirstie's Fill Your House For Free[SUB]
Series 2. Episode 3/5
Kirstie Allsopp helps transform Emma and Darren's Worcester home - which seems to be stuck in a 1980s time warp - revamping an old kitchen and a sitting and dining room that has seen better days. The team also visits social worker Angela Stephenson, who devotes all her spare time to her children, meaning her bedroom has been neglected and has unplastered walls, clothes stored in bags on the floor and curtains that have fallen downDIY
21:00Undercover Boss[SUB]
Series 6. Episode 2/6
Mark Goldring is the man at the top of one of Britain's best-known charities. Awarded a CBE for his life's work tackling poverty, he's responsible for Oxfam's balance sheet. But with income down by £18million in a year, the CEO goes undercover to find out whether the organisation is raising the maximum amount of money possible - and spending it wisely. He's surprised to discover flaws that could be costing huge sums, and shocked to find his British staff are fearful for their jobs. Travelling across the world to a front-line disaster zone, Mark is frustrated by the dangerous conditions his employees are working inDocumentary
22:00Utopia[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 3/6
On the run, the gang finds a young hacker who uncovers the key to The Network's new plan - a real global outbreak of weaponised Russian flu that will prompt the world to take up its vaccine on V Day. When Dugdale discovers his colleague has identified an unusual protein - Janus - among the components he quickly hands her over to the organisation. Anton's identity remains a mystery, but the pieces start to fit together when he is seen sketching comic-book-style pictures and equations, while Ian, framed for his boss's death and suspicious of Becky, doesn't know who to turn to. Milner gives up torturing Jessica and prepares to execute her to finally find out what amendment Carvel made to JanusDetective/Thriller
23:05Royal Marines Commando School[SUB HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 2/8
The raw recruits take the next step in their training and there are challenging new lessons at every turn. If they can make it through three more weeks, their families will receive invitations to witness their progress and they will be allowed to go home for the first time since the programme began. Callum Bond, 18, tries to face up to a bewildering array of tasks in an effort to transform himself from boy to soldier, and 31-year-old Magnus Frykman struggles to remain on top of everything while missing his familyDocumentary