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Comedy Central - channel number 112
00:10Live at the Apollo[HD]
Series 9. Episode 5/6
An evening of stand-up at the Apollo in Hammersmith, London. Jack Whitehall is the man in charge, treating the audience to his own brand of humour, before introducing routines by Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan and American jokester Rich HallStand-up Comedy
01:10Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps
Series 3. Episode 9/11: Dump
Louise runs riot with her new-found social conscience, and Gaz advises Munch on how to handle women. Meanwhile, Jonny shows Donna a way of getting everything she has ever wanted - without paying. Comedy, starring Ralf Little and Will MellorSitcom
01:50The Alternative Comedy Experience[HD]
Series 2. Episode 7/13
Stewart Lee introduces alternative stand-up performances, including Robin Ince, David O'Doherty, Josie Long, Isy Suttie, Helen Keen and Michael LeggeComedy/Stand-up Comedy
02:25The US Office[HD]
Series 9. Episode 19/25: Stairmageddon
Dwight shoots Stanley with a bull tranquiliser after he refuses to go on a sales call, while Jim and Pam head to marriage counselling. Elsewhere, the Senator comes out of the closet, and Andy tries to find a talent agentSitcom
02:50South Park[SUB HD]
Series 10. Episode 10/14: Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy
Cartman is appointed the new hallway monitor, and discovers a teacher has been kissing a student. With the voices of Trey Parker and Matt StoneAnimated Movie/Drama/Sitcom
03:20The King of Queens[SUB HD]
Series 4. Episode 12/25: Ovary Action
The Heffernans start trying for a baby, but a visit from Doug's parents at the ideal time for conception leaves him struggling to perform. Starring Kevin JamesSitcom
03:45Rules of Engagement[HD]
Series 2. Episode 2/15: Audrey's Sister
Discovering Audrey's sister Barbara is having problems in her marriage, an amorous Russell takes her out on a date, intent on persuading her to sleep with him. Guest starring Heather Locklear (Spin City, TJ Hooker)Sitcom
04:10Rules of Engagement[SUB HD]
Series 2. Episode 4/15: Guy Code
Audrey is invited to learn about the `guy code' when Jeff tells her that his friend was unfaithful to his wife, insisting that she keeps the information to herself in accordance with the rules of the code. Megyn Price and Patrick Warburton starSitcom
04:35Frasier[SUB AD HD]
Series 11. Episode 2/25: A Man, a Plan and a Gal - Julia
Julia attends a party with Frasier, where she manages to offend the entire Crane family by blurting out the news that Daphne is pregnant. Comedy, guest starring Felicity Hunter, with Kelsey GrammerSitcom
A chance to buy bargains galoreAdvertisement/Shopping
A chance to buy bargains galoreAdvertisement/Shopping
08:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 17/24: The One Where Eddie Moves In
Rachel begins to feel smothered by Ross's constant attention. Meanwhile, Phoebe makes a video for her song Smellycat, and Chandler's new flatmate Eddie causes problemsSitcom
08:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 18/24: The One Where Dr Ramoray Dies
Joey makes unfortunate comments in an interview with a fanzine, threatening his role as Dr Ramoray and casting a shadow over his acting career. Meanwhile, Chandler's new flatmate Eddie becomes increasingly annoying. Comedy, guest starring Tom Selleck, with Matt LeBlanc and Matthew PerrySitcom
09:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 19/24: The One Where Eddie Won't Go
Chandler begins to have grave doubts about new flatmate Eddie - just as Joey starts house-hunting. Meanwhile, the girls try to get in touch with their inner selves using a personal empowerment manual for inspiration. Comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney CoxSitcom
09:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 20/24: The One Where Old Yeller Dies
Monica's boyfriend makes a good impression on Chandler and Joey. Phoebe gets a shock while watching a film and Rachel begins to resent Ross planning their future. US comedy, starring Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer and Lisa KudrowSitcom
10:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 21/24: The One with the Bullies
Chandler and Ross face two bullies at Central Perk. Monica decides to have a flutter on the stock market and Phoebe meets a long-lost family member. Comedy, guest starring Giovanni Ribisi (Avatar)Sitcom
10:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 22/24: The One with Two Parties
The pals plan a surprise party for Rachel, but her recently separated mother and father show up. To keep the parents apart, the gang decides to have two different gatherings. Comedy, guest starring Marlo Thomas (That Girl) and Ron LeibmanSitcom
11:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 23/24: The One with the Chickenpox
Phoebe catches chickenpox just as her seafaring boyfriend returns home. Joey gets a job at Chandler's company and Monica becomes obsessed with proving Richard is more neurotic than she is. American comedy, guest starring Charlie SheenSitcom
11:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 2. Episode 24/24: The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding
Chandler becomes enamoured with a woman he meets on the internet, and the subject of children proves a thorny one for Monica and Richard. Rachel relives the ordeal of her failed wedding day while serving as bridesmaid at her former fiance's ceremony. Comedy, starring Jennifer AnistonSitcom
12:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 1/25: The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy
Ross foolishly lets Rachel in on his most secret sexual fantasy, while Phoebe consoles a heartbroken Monica and Chandler gets involved with an old flame whom Joey cannot stand. David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston starSitcom
12:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 2/25: The One Where No One's Ready
Ross is due to make an important speech at the museum, and invites the gang along for moral support - but bickering and personal problems soon threaten to make him late. Comedy, starring David SchwimmerSitcom
13:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 3/25: The One with the Jam
Phoebe is alarmed to learn she has attracted the unwanted attentions of a stalker, and Monica comes up with a plan to deal with her broodiness. American comedy, guest starring David Arquette, with Lisa Kudrow and Courteney CoxSitcom
13:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 4/25: The One with the Metaphorical Tunnel
Chandler ponders the importance of commitment, Monica starts work in a restaurant and Phoebe's home truths make her an unpopular choice as Joey's agent. Comedy, starring Matt LeBlanc and Matthew PerrySitcom
14:00Friends[SUB HD]
Series 3. Episode 5/25: The One with Frank Jr
Actress Isabella Rossellini makes Ross's day by dropping into Central Perk for a coffee. Phoebe's efforts to introduce her half-brother to the city give him the wrong idea about her line of work. Comedy, with David Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow and Giovanni RibisiSitcom
14:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 6/25: The One with the Flashback
Janice persuades the pals to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets about a period in their relationships three years earlier. Phoebe is trying to move out without telling Monica, Rachel wants one last fling before she gets married and Ross makes a distressing discovery. Comedy, starring Matthew Perry and Maggie WheelerSitcom
15:00The Millers[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 14/23: Carol's Surprise
Nathan tries his best to surprise his mother on her birthday - a feat that has proved nigh on impossible over the years. Sitcom, starring Will ArnettComedy
15:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 7/25: The One with the Race Car Bed
Monica buys a bed from Janice's husband but the wrong one is delivered. Joey gets a job teaching a soap opera acting class, while Rachel tries to ease the tension between Ross and her fatherSitcom
16:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 8/25: The One with the Giant Poking Device
Phoebe convinces herself she is a walking jinx who keeps causing people to die mysteriously. Monica hides the fact that Ben has been injured, while Chandler and Janice make a tough decision about their relationshipSitcom
16:30Two and a Half Men[SUB HD]
Series 11. Episode 18/22: West Side Story
Walden receives an invitation to the opening of his ex-girlfriend Kate's boutique, and Gretchen hopes to spend more time at Alan's house. Starring Ashton Kutcher and Jon CryerSitcom
17:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 9/25: The One with the Football
The gang holds an American football match on Thanksgiving. Opposing team captains Ross and Monica relive their sibling rivalry on the pitch, while Joey tries to outflank ChandlerSitcom
17:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 10/25: The One Where Rachel Quits
Rachel hands in her notice at Central Perk, while Ross accidentally breaks a girl's leg and ends up having to go door to door peddling cookies. Joey starts a new job selling Christmas trees, but Phoebe thinks it is a cruel trade and sets about saving the merchandiseSitcom
18:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 11/25: The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister
Rachel's attractive and influential new friend sends Ross into a jealous frenzy, while Chandler gets drunk and falls for the curvaceous charms of one of Joey's many sisters - but later cannot remember which oneSitcom
18:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 12/25: The One with All the Jealousy
Ross becomes increasingly jealous of Rachel's new workmate, and Joey auditions for a Broadway musical - even though he cannot dance. Meanwhile, Monica falls for a would-be poetSitcom
19:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 13/25: The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends
Monica bumps into ex-boyfriend Richard in a video store and the pair agree it would be a mistake to start dating again - but soon fall back into bed. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins seeing an athlete. Tom Selleck guest starsSitcom
19:30Friends[SUB HD]
Series 3. Episode 14/25: The One with Phoebe's Ex-Partner
Phoebe's former singing partner turns up with the idea of using Smelly Cat in a commercial. Chandler dates a woman with a prosthetic leg, and Ross's jealousy gets the better of him. Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) guest starsSitcom
20:00Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 15/25: The One Where Ross and Rachel Take a Break
A harassed Rachel tells Ross she thinks they should take a break from each other - so he responds by getting drunk and sleeping with a woman Joey and Chandler have been chasing. Comedy, starring Jennifer Aniston and David SchwimmerSitcom
20:30Friends[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 16/25: The One the Morning After
Ross tries to prevent Rachel discovering he slept with Chloe from the photocopying shop, but she finds out anyway and a major argument ensues at her apartment. Trapped in Monica's bedroom, the other friends cannot help overhearing everythingSitcom
21:00Michael McIntyre: Hello Wembley![SUB HD]
A stand-up performance by the comedian at Wembley Arena, where he entertained a sell-out crowd in October 2009, following on from his successful 2008 show Live and Laughing. In a routine centred on his take on life, he discusses wine menus, restaurant etiquette and the condiment hierarchy in the kitchen cupboardComedy
22:00Lee Evans: XL Tour Live[SUB]
The energetic comedian brings his hilarious tour to Wales. Enjoy his performance, which features a truly unbelievable finale, as he performs to over 4,000 fans in CardiffComedy
23:20Impractical Jokers
Series 1. Episode 1/17
Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The TenderloinsGeneral Show/Game Show/Comedy
23:50Impractical Jokers
Series 1. Episode 2/17
Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The TenderloinsGeneral Show/Game Show/Comedy