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ITV 1 Border - channel number 103
Viewers are offered the chance to participate in live interactive gaming from the comfort of their sofas, with an entertaining mix of roulette-wheel spins and lively chat from the presenting team. Featuring a variety of prizes and promotionsGame Show/Quiz
03:00Man Versus Machine: Tonight[SUB HD REP]
By 2030, some experts predict around a third of jobs will be at risk of being replaced by machines. Paul Davies looks at the growth of robotics and computer technology in the workplace and investigates the challenges facing people in all industries in the futureNews Magazine/Current Affairs
03:25ITV Nightscreen[HD]
Text-based information serviceGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics
05:05The Jeremy Kyle Show[SUB SL REP]
The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship issues, and provides them with his own brand of no-nonsense adviceTalk Show
06:00Daybreak[SUB HD]
Series 5. Episode 82/82
Morning show featuring news and current affairs, plus entertainment and lifestyle features. Presented by Matt Barbet, Ranvir Singh, Kate Garraway and Aled Jones. Last in the seriesTalk Show
Series 5. Episode 82/258
Brenda Blethyn joins presenter Kate Garraway to discuss the return of crime drama Vera, in which she stars as irascible detective DI Vera Stanhope. Plus, showbiz stories, cooking and celebrity gossipGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics/Talk Show
09:25The Jeremy Kyle Show[SUB REP]
The host invites guests to air their differences over family and relationship issues, and provides them with his own brand of no-nonsense adviceTalk Show/Agony Advice/Family and Friends
10:30This Morning[SUB]
Celebrity chat and lifestyle features, including a look at the stories making the newspaper headlines, viewers' comments in the Hub and a recipe in the kitchen. Presented by Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. Including at 11.25 ITV News and Regional WeatherGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics/Talk Show
12:30Loose Women[SUB HD]
Series 18. Episode 148/192
Andrea McLean is joined by fellow panellists Myleene Klass and Janet Street-Porter to debate current topicsTalk Show
13:30ITV News and Weather[SUB]
13:55ITV News Tyne Tees and Border[SUB]
Regional News
14:00Storage Hoarders[SUB HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 9/20
Aggie MacKenzie helps two hoarders, one with a penchant for auction house antiques and another with a vast collection of cultural memorabilia, including material from the film star Jessie MatthewsGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics
15:00Dickinson's Real Deal[SUB HD]
Worksop 4
The team heads to Worksop in Nottinghamshire, where Tim Hogarth is impressed by an unusual lard dish, Cheryl Hakeney attracts an admirer, and David Ford and Ian Towning pay over the odds for their collectiblesGeneral Show/Game Show
15:59ITV Border Weather[SUB]
16:00Tipping Point[SUB HD]
Series 4. Episode 49/70
Quiz show, hosted by Ben Shephard, in which contestants answer questions to win turns on an arcade-style machine. Dropping tokens down a choice of four chutes, they hope to knock piles of them off a moving shelf - and the more they collect, the greater the prize fund. The player who has won the least amount is then eliminated, and the last one standing competes for a £10,000 jackpotGeneral Show/Game Show
17:00The Chase[SUB HD]
Series 7. Episode 132/150
Bradley Walsh presents as four contestants pit their wits against quiz expert the Chaser in the hope of winning a potential prize pot worth thousands of pounds. They work as a team and play strategically to answer general knowledge questions against the clock and race down the game board to the exit without being caughtGame Show/Quiz
18:00ITV News Lookaround[SUB]
Regional News
18:25Party Election Broadcast for the European Parliament[REP]
The Liberal Democrats
By the Liberal DemocratsGeneral Social/Political Issues/Economics
18:30ITV News and Weather[SUB]
19:00Emmerdale[SUB AD HD]
In a bid to prove his love, Sean plays the hero and attempts to get himself arrested. Lisa worries his antics will make the situation worse for Belle, but the youngster has come up with a plan of her own to get out of going to prison. With Kerry and Jimmy still at loggerheads over Pear Tree, they compete to see who will let go of the keys first. Ross sees Debbie letting DC Flanagan into her house and presumes she is cheating, unaware the detective is there simply to provide information on Pete's pastSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
19:30Coronation Street[SUB AD HD]
Kal and Leanne decide to tell Nick about their feelings for each other, but they reckon without his hopes of a reconciliation. Owen leaps to Anna's defence when Liz criticises her cleaning skills on her first day at the Rovers, while Tyrone informs a panicked Maria that Fiz intends to report Kirsty to the police. Will David persuade her to confess before it's too late? Kal shames Steve and Lloyd into agreeing to take part in a 5km run for a good cause, and Izzy uses some of the charity money to pay for her shoppingSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
20:00Weekend Escapes with Warwick Davis[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 3/6: Norfolk
The actor takes his family to Norfolk, where they begin with a boat trip along the Broads, which are made up of more than 125 miles of waterways. Next, they cross the county to visit the seaside resort of Hunstanton, which gives Warwick the chance to participate in an RNLI training exercise. He then persuades his wife and children to have a go at milking sheep at nearby Bircham Windmill, before ending the weekend at a local amusement arcadeTourism/Travel
20:30Coronation Street[SUB AD HD]
Nick is still hopeful that Leanne will take him back. Will she tell him how she feels about Kal or lead him to believe he has a chance? Owen voices his concerns to Anna about their relationship, and Maria is relieved when Tyrone tells her the texts will be hard to trace - and decides to send him another one. Meanwhile, Andrea makes up an excuse when Lloyd suggests he stay the night at hersSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
21:00Lewis[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 7. Episode 2/6: Down Among the Fearful - Part Two
With Oxford's clairvoyance community in turmoil following the deaths of the research fellows, the direction of Lewis's investigation shifts when the two chief suspects provide seemingly unshakeable alibis. A senior colleague's attitude doesn't make things any easier for the team - but then Hathaway makes a suggestion that helps pave the way to a solution. Sanjeev Bhaskar guest stars in the conclusion of this two-part episode, with Kevin Whately, Laurence Fox, Clare Holman and Rebecca FrontDetective/Thriller
22:00ITV News at Ten and Weather[SUB]
22:30ITV News Lookaround[SUB]
Regional News
22:35The Bourne Ultimatum[SUB AD HD]
Amnesiac rogue assassin Jason Bourne's long-buried memories are reawakened by a British journalist researching the secret organisation that was responsible for transforming him into a killing machine. Meanwhile, a ruthless CIA director becomes convinced Bourne is still a security risk, and plans to dispose of him once and for all. Third instalment of the spy thriller series, directed by Paul Greengrass and starring Matt Damon, Joan Allen, Julia Stiles, David Strathairn, Paddy Considine, Scott Glenn and Albert FinneyFilm/Thriller/Espionage