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RTE One - channel number 91
00:15Oireachtas Report
Coverage of the day's political proceedingsGeneral Social/Political Issues/Economics
A nuclear power station worker is exposed to dangerous levels of radiation. Her employers insist this is an isolated incident, but she is convinced there is more to it and gathers evidence of their near total disregard for safety standards. Meanwhile, the company is ready to go to any lengths to keep her quiet. Fact-based drama, starring Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T Nelson and Ron SilverFilm/Biopic/Factual
03:10Telly Bingo[REP]
Lottery game show, presented by Declan BuckleyGame Show/Quiz
Series 3. Episode 6/13
Nina is worried about Patrick's night alone at a motel and their first big fight, and finds him at work to apologise. Meanwhile, Mick and Rosanna continue to forge their musical partnership. Australian comedy drama, starring Asher KeddieGeneral Movie/Drama/Comedy
04:05Prime Time[SUB REP]
Current affairs review, covering political and social topics at home and abroad, plus local and international headlinesGeneral News/Current Affairs
04:40Shortland Street[SUB REP]
Long-running hospital drama set in a New Zealand accident and emergency ward, following the private and professional lives of the staff who work thereSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
05:05Doctors[SUB REP]
Series 15. Episode 115/222: Charlotte's Web
Chris prepares to meet a childhood friend with great anticipation, but is left stunned when the woman from his past delivers shocking news. Meanwhile, sparks fly when Heston and Kevin meet two new patients - mother and daughter Gloria and SigourneySoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
European and international headlines live via satelliteNews
Buying goods from the comfort of homeAdvertisement/Shopping
07:35Shopping from Home
A chance to buy goods from the comfort of the armchairAdvertisement/Shopping
08:10The Doctors
Fast Health Fixes
Plastic surgeons reveal the most popular celebrity body parts. Plus, compelling reasons to get tested for HIVTalk Show
09:00Morning Edition[SUB]
A mix of news, sport, business, topical discussion and entertainment. Includes WeatherGeneral Education/Science/Factual Topics/General News/Current Affairs
10:55Dr Phil[SUB]
I'm Over It
A mother and daughter-in-law disagree over parental boundaries, while a couple learn to rebuild their romance after having kids. Plus, a performance by country singer Ronnie DunnTalk Show
11:45Shortland Street[SUB]
Long-running hospital drama set in a New Zealand accident and emergency ward, following the private and professional lives of the staff who work thereSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
Series 15. Episode 116/222: Northanger Bungalow
Teenager Catriona films her hunt for zombies in Northanger Bungalow, but when her fears get the better of her, Jimmi has to come to the rescue. Meanwhile, Kevin and Sigourney struggle to overcome their prejudices at an exhibition and Chris anxiously waits for his test resultsSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
12:45Telly Bingo
Lottery game show, presented by Declan BuckleyGame Show/Quiz
13:00RTÉ News: One O'Clock and Weather[SUB]
National and international newsNews/Weather
13:30Home and Away[SUB]
Sun-kissed Australian soap charting the latest comings and goings of the Summer Bay regularsSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
Long-running Australian soap charting the lives and loves of the residents of Ramsay StreetSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
14:30EastEnders[SUB AD REP]
As the residents come to terms with the impact of recent events, it is clear the fire has completely devastated the Slater house - and it becomes apparent that Mo's hairspray caused the explosion. Phil is shaken when he walks in on Jay packing up his things, and as he later confides in Shirley, he tells her he wants them to be together. But they don't realise someone is watching. Shabnam lies to Denise about having a dentist appointment so she can attend a pharmacy interview, while Tina receives devastating newsSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
15:10Fair City[SUB REP]
Carol manages to rescue Dan just in the nick of time, and Niamh comes to terms with the consequences of her actions. Meanwhile, Sean makes a heartbreaking discoverySoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
15:40Corrigan's City Farm[SUB REP]
Series 1. Episode 6/6
As the agricultural project draws to a close, the volunteers face the unpleasant prospect of killing one of their pigs, and wind down from their work on the land with a relaxing yoga session. Plus, Richard prepares a farewell barbecue, and Councillor Brian Birmingham, the Lord Mayor of Cork, pays a visit to the Blackpool site. Last in the seriesNature/Animals/Environment/Cooking
16:10Martin and Paul's Surf 'n' Turf[SUB REP]
Series 1. Episode 2/8
The chefs visit Westport House in Co Mayo, where they meet the descendants of 16th-century pirate queen Grace O'Malley. Searching for the ingredients for their surf 'n' turf challenge, Martin Shanahan discovers an organic trout farm, while Paul Flynn roams the hills, looking for lambCooking
16:40Dermot's Secret Garden[SUB REP]
Series 1. Episode 6/6
Dermot O'Neill visits fellow gardener and artist Thelma Mansfield and hosts an end-of-year party for the friends who have helped him through his first 12 months at Clondeglass. Last in the seriesNature/Animals/Environment
17:10Dead Money[REP]
Series 1. Episode 5/6
Genealogical researchers Steven and Kit Smyrl investigate the family tree of Alan Murray, who died in Sligo in 2004 with no known relatives. They undertake a painstaking search for his cousins - but then make a shocking discovery that suggests his inheritance could belong to someone else insteadDocumentary
The latest news headlinesNews
18:00The Angelus
18:01RTÉ News: Six One and Weather[SUB]
The latest national and international headlinesNews/Weather
Anne Cassin visits the Assay office in Dublin, one of the most prestigious certifiers of precious metals in the world, for Culture Night, when it is open to the public. Helen McInerney heads to the Fermoy Musical Society, where members are celebrating its 90th birthday. Plus, a Dubliner who attended Trinity College to study literature but later followed her heart and became an artistNews
19:30Class Swap[SUB REP]
Series 1. Episode 4/6
Leitrim students struggle to do maths without the help of a calculator in Poland, while the Limerick pupils learn about PE lessons in SpainDocumentary
20:00EastEnders[SUB AD]
Phil is disappointed when he doesn't receive an invitation to Jay's leaving dinner at Max's, so he decides to gatecrash the party anyway - but soon regrets it when his embittered former employee drops a bombshell. Nancy worries that she has offended Tamwar, while Masood is surprised when he discovers the truth behind Shabnam's lieSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
20:30Tracks and Trails[REP]
Series 3. Episode 5/5: The Phoenix Park
Radio presenter John Murray visits the Phoenix Park in the heart of Dublin, exploring interesting parts of the largest city-centre park in Europe. Part of the documentary series exploring the best walking and cycling tracks around the countryEnviroment/Nature/Animals/Environment
21:00RTÉ News: Nine O'Clock and Weather[SUB]
The latest national and international newsNews/Weather
21:35The Late Late Show[SUB]
Ryan Tubridy hosts the light entertainment show, featuring a mix of celebrity guests, music, in-depth interviews and discussions on the stories that have the nation talkingTalk Show
23:45RTÉ News[SUB]
Series 1. Episode 4/4: Home
As the sleuth studies for his forthcoming sergeant's exam, he investigates a hit-and-run that claimed the life of an eminent Oxford professor. The victim had been at odds with his peers over the fate of a potentially lucrative parcel of college-owned land, and the case is complicated by the appearance of DI Thursday's old gangland enemy - whom he must face alone while Endeavour makes a trip back to Lincolnshire to visit his ailing father. Last in the seriesDetective/Thriller