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BBC 2 Scotland - channel number 102
03:25Holby City[SUB SL AD REP]
Series 16. Episode 27/52: Cold Heart, Warm Hands
It's a big day for Raf and Amy as they find out whether their final round of IVF treatment has been successful. However, while she is focused on a positive outcome, her hotshot surgeon husband becomes distracted by a case in which he could bring a patient back from the dead, testing his priorities and putting their marriage under strain. Dominic has a blast from the past in the shape of a familiar patient, who he is keen to get rid of as soon as possible, while Elliot tries to smooth the waters between Jonny and Jac when the tensions between them spill over into the wardSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric/General Movie/Drama
18:30Escape to the Continent[SUB AD HD]
Series 1. Episode 11/20: France (Dordogne)
Alistair Appleton heads to the Dordogne with a couple hoping to buy their first home together, with a £350,000 budget needing to secure them not only a property but also a lake. Away from the search, Alistair offers tips on house-buying in France and learns how the sweet wine of the region gets its distinctive flavourDIY
22:00Rev[SUB AD HD]
Series 3. Episode 5/6
Adam is shocked when he discovers that Nigel has reported him to the bishop for conduct unbecoming to a vicar. As Archdeacon Robert investigates the complaint, Adam begins to seriously doubt whether he is cut out to be a vicar after all. Guest starring Ralph FiennesSitcom