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Channel 4 - channel number 14
00:10One Born Every Minute[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 6. Episode 8/10
Sarah and Jonathan met at junior school as eight-year-olds and were best friends for years until they eventually got together. Now they're in Southmead expecting their second baby, but the mother-to-be is getting increasingly anxious and the memory of her difficult first labour begins to induce a panic attack. Meanwhile, Vikki and Jack are having their first child and are keen for a big family after going through lonely and troubled upbringings themselves, while Naomi has to spend the night in hospital away from her partner Chris as she waits for labour to kick inFamily and Friends/Medicine/Health
01:05This Old Thing: The Vintage Clothes Show[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 6/6
Lucie from London has clothes piled up to the rafters from her addiction to high-street outfits, and with a holiday looming in Ibiza, she not only wants to look amazing, but also reignite her passion for fashion. Can Dawn O'Porter persuade her that vintage is the way to go? Plus, the sewing workshop team tackles a moth-eaten jacket, a rather unusual home-made dress and a 1960s hat. Last in the seriesFashion
02:00Sperm Whale: Inside Nature's Giants Special[SUB HD REP]
A team of scientists dissects a sperm whale that became stranded and died at Pegwell Bay in Kent. Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg explore its internal organs to reveal how the world's largest predator survives and hunts in deep-sea conditions that would kill humans. Whale expert Malcolm Clarke takes Simon Watt on a tracking expedition in the Azores, and Richard Dawkins traces the evolution of the creature's fearsome jawsDocumentary/Nature/Animals/Environment
03:25Orang-utans: Born in the Wild[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 3/4
In Borneo, Mark Evans and Joy Reidenberg explore the reproductive challenges of the orang-utan. The largest tree-dwellers in the world, these apes mate, give birth and raise their young high in the jungle canopy. At a sanctuary deep in the rainforest, Mark and Joy encounter a dominant male and uncover the latest scientific theories on how such `kings' exert their power over rivals and seduce females in their territory. The programme also witnesses an infant being born and reveals what it takes to raise oneWildlife
04:25Supermarket Wars: Channel 4 Dispatches[SUB HD REP]
Gone are the days when the big four supermarkets dominated the food retail business. Discount stores like Aldi and Lidl are undercutting Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Asda, whose sales are stalling and profits are slumping. Harry Wallop asks what went wrong, and is still going wrong, for the major retailers, and reveals the tricks of the discounters' success. He also investigates how the supermarkets are fighting back with an aggressive price war, claiming to have slashed thousands of everyday items. But are these deals all they're cracked up to be?Documentary
04:55Phil Spencer: Secret Agent[SUB HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 6/20
The property market expert heads to Dorking in Surrey, where he tries to help Ceri and Fraser Black downsize from their four-bedroom semi-detached home. He also comes to the aid of two buyers hoping to find a house with plenty of rural charmDIY
05:50Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD REP]
Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel EdmondsGame Show/Quiz
06:453rd Rock from the Sun[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 16/24: Superstitious Dick
Dick throws away a chain letter, and soon finds himself plagued by misfortune. Meanwhile, Sally discovers the attraction of hardware, and Tommy tries to impress Alissa by taking her to an ice hockey game. John Lithgow starsSitcom
07:103rd Rock from the Sun[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 17/24: Y2dicK
Dick discovers the joys of the internet and e-mail and withdraws completely from the physical world. When Mary tries to drag him away, a spillage threatens to ruin his virtual life. Comedy, starring John Lithgow and Kristen JohnstonSitcom
07:35The King of Queens[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 3/25: Mean Streak
Doug's colleagues resent his achievement in breaking the record for perfect deliveries, while Carrie wonders why the dog walker enjoys spending time with her father. Comedy, starring Kevin JamesSitcom
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 15/24: Robert's Rodeo
Robert is injured in the line of duty and Ray realises he is partly responsible. Unfortunately his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired, until he grudgingly agrees to Debra's demand to tell his brother how much he cares for him. Comedy, starring Ray Romano, Brad Garrett and Patricia HeatonSitcom
08:30Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 16/24: The Tenth Anniversary
Debra is angry to discover Ray recorded a Super Bowl game over their wedding video, and forces him to renew his marriage vows as a way of making amends. Comedy, starring Ray Romano and Patricia HeatonSitcom
09:00Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 5. Episode 17/24: The Perfect Guy
A new radio personality becomes the talk of the town, but Frasier takes an instant dislike to him. Martin is thrown out of Niles' favourite shop - the only local establishment that sells Eddie's preferred brand of dog food. Comedy, guest starring Bill CampbellSitcom
09:30Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 5. Episode 18/24: Bad Dog
Bulldog takes all the credit for saving Roz during a hold-up. However, it is not long before his new-found fame sends Frasier mad with frustration. American sitcom, starring Kelsey Grammer and Dan ButlerSitcom
10:00The Big Bang Theory[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 9/17: The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarisation
Leonard and Sheldon receive an invitation to present their research to a physics conference, but Sheldon's reluctance to pander to his peers causes conflict between the friends. An intervention by Penny makes matters worse. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons starSitcom
10:25The Big Bang Theory[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 10/17: The Loobenfeld Decay
Sheldon and Leonard invent excuses to avoid having to attend Penny's performance in a production of the stage musical Rent, but maintaining the pretence makes matters increasingly complicated. Johnny Galecki, Simon Helberg and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting star, with DJ QuallsSitcom
10:55Come Dine with Me Down Under[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 16/25
Dominic Lawrenson hosts the first party in another round of the Australian version of the show, hoping an Indian-themed menu will impress his fellow diners, who include an online dominatrixChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
11:25Come Dine with Me Down Under[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 17/25
Michelle Barraclough hopes to impress her rivals by providing a medieval feast, and later puts on a historical re-enactment in which her husband is hit in the neck with a swordChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
11:55Channel 4 News Summary[SUB]
Includes news headlines and weatherNews/Weather
12:00Come Dine with Me Down Under[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 18/25
Trainee personal stylist Yolanda Evagelistis is next to host and serves up a menu of Greek food for her guestsChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
12:30Come Dine with Me Down Under[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 19/25
Tom Dougall is the next to play host for the dinner party challenge, hiring a caricature artist to sketch his guests in an evening featuring rib-eye steak and shop-bought apple strudelChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
13:00Come Dine with Me Down Under[SUB REP]
Series 2. Episode 20/25
On the final night of the competition marriage celebrant Deb Campbell serves restaurant-quality food that is so tasty, one of the guests reveals she has an overwhelming urge to lick her plate cleanChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
13:30Channel 4 Racing[SUB HD]
2014 Glorious Goodwood: Day Four
Nick Luck presents live coverage of the fourth day of the Glorious Goodwood festival, with races at 1.55, 2.30, 3.05 and 3.40. With commentary by Simon Holt, Jim McGrath, Graham Cunningham and Tanya Stevenson, and reports from Emma Spencer, Gina Bryce and Mick FitzgeraldSport/Horse racing
16:00Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD]
Contestants try to beat the banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize. In a game-changing twist, players could now win up to £500,000 by doubling their winnings with box 23 - if they are brave enough to buy it with what they have already won. Presented by Noel EdmondsGame Show/Quiz
17:00Couples Come Dine with Me[SUB HD]
Three pairs of partners from Edinburgh compete to win the £1,000 prize, including competitive couple Kenny and Lisa, who believe their dishes are good enough to be served in a restaurant. Later, duo Julie and Keith hope to get away with preparing two very similar courses, before final hosts Kate and Mike hope to impress their rivals with a Tex-Mex menuCooking
18:00The Simpsons[SUB AD REP]
Series 14. Episode 16/22: 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky
Lisa resolves to pursue a career in astronomy, but unfortunately her decision coincides with Chief Wiggum's hare-brained new initiative to reduce crime in Springfield - by illuminating the whole town all night. With the guest voice of Eric IdleAnimated Movie/Drama/Sitcom/Comedy
18:30Hollyoaks[SUB AD HD]
Mercedes and Freddie's growing closeness upsets Lindsey, who struggles to hide her emotions from the pair. Ziggy is letting his ambitions run wild, much to the amazement of LeelaSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
19:00Channel 4 News[SUB]
Including sport and weatherNational News/General Sports/Weather
20:00The Million Pound Drop[SUB]
Series 13. Episode 4/8
Davina McCall invites Geoff and his granddaughter Daniella and Tom and Lowri from Swansea to try their luck on the quiz. The aim of the game is to stop wads of cash falling through trapdoors correctly, and quickly, by answering a series of questionsGame Show/Quiz
21:00The Singer Takes It All[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 1/4
New series. Alan Carr hosts this live interactive singing show in which the audience is in complete control. Viewers choose the singers to perform on an 18-metre conveyor belt, then vote for who they want to go through to the next round - and who should face the indignity of disappearing through the doors. Singer Pixie Lott and comedian Rob Beckett are also along for the rideGame Show/Quiz
22:00The Last Leg[SUB]
Series 5. Episode 1/6
New series. Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker are joined by the main cast members of The Inbetweeners for a comic review of the significant moments of the past seven days. The trio offer their own unique insight into some of the most difficult and delicate issues in modern Britain, and answer that most important of questions: Is it OK?Comedy/Talk Show
22:50Virtually Famous[SUB HD]
Series 1. Episode 2/8
Glee star Kevin McHale hosts the comedy panel show in which teams are quizzed about the latest viral sensations on the internet. Team captains Seann Walsh and Chris Stark are joined by comedians Katherine Ryan and Joe Lycett, actress-model Helen Flanagan and former WBA heavyweight champion boxer David HayeComedy/Game Show/Quiz
23:40Run Fat Boy Run[SUB AD HD]
Commitment-shy Dennis leaves his pregnant fiancee standing at the altar. Five years later, he realises his mistake and tries to win her back, just as she looks set to settle down with someone else. Since she always used to accuse him of never finishing anything, he decides the only way to prove his love is to run a marathon. Comedy, with Simon Pegg, Thandie Newton and Dylan MoranFilm/Comedy/Romance