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Channel 4 - channel number 14
00:059/11 Firehouse[SUB AD]
Documentary charting the story of Ten House, the fire station next to the World Trade Centre in New York. The depot's firefighters were the first ones into the buildings following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the film uses archive images from the day along with dramatic testimonies to reveal the courage of the staff involved in the rescue operation. Despite the Twin Towers being destroyed, the fire station remained standing, and the building and crew became a symbol of the country's prideDocumentary
01:00First Time Farmers[SUB AD HD REP]
Series 2. Episode 5/12
Bovine TB hits the young farmers' herds, and first to feel the full force of the disease is 23-year-old Charlie. The virus is wrecking his investment in cattle and with all his animals quarantined, his livelihood is under threat. Elsewhere, Robbie turns to selling piglets to keep the cash flowing, but will it be enough? Charlie's friend, 22-year-old dairy farmer Ollie, has branched out into agricultural construction to make ends meet. While helping his dad with daily tasks, he cleans out the cowshed and plays host to the annual National Federation of Young Farmers partyDocumentary
01:55Le Havre[HD]
An African boy arrives in the French port town as a refugee, and quickly befriends an ageing bohemian who makes ends meet shining shoes. With the aid of his friends and neighbours, the man helps protect his young friend from officials looking to deport him. Comedy drama, starring Andre Wilms, Blondin Miguel and Kati Outinen. In FrenchFilm/General Movie/Drama/Comedy/Bollywood and World
Series 1. Episode 2/6: The Awakening
Five years into his investigation, journalist Peter Veras finds the first sign that his brother was pushed to commit suicide, and continues to search for the truth. He and his sister-in-law Eva approach a leading financier who knew his brother's secret. While promising to keep his family out of trouble, Peter runs into difficulty when his colleagues and the police no longer believe his explanation about what happened. In Norwegian with English subtitlesThriller
04:35Gordon Ramsay's Home Cooking[SUB SL AD HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 20/20
The chef's recipes include eggs Benedict with crispy parma ham and grilled lobsters marinated in Bloody Mary linguine. His son Jack also helps him cook beef fillet with salsa verde and chocolate and pistachio semifreddo. Last in the seriesCooking
05:00Hugh's 3 Good Things: Best Bites[SUB HD REP]
Series 1. Episode 13/52
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall prepares a simple salad using Parma ham, creamy cheese and squashCooking
05:05Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD REP]
Contestants try to outwit the anonymous banker and guess the contents of mystery boxes to win a big-money prize of up to £250,000. With Noel EdmondsGame Show/Quiz
06:00Countdown[SUB HD REP]
Dictionary Corner guest Jenny Eclair joins Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley for the words-and-numbers gameGame Show/Quiz
06:45Will & Grace[SUB REP]
Series 3. Episode 12/25: Swimming Pools - Movie Stars
The pair pose as house-hunters to enable them to snoop around actress Sandra Bernhard's home, but their scheme backfires when she accepts their offer for the property. Karen is chastised for turning up late to her stepson's swimming gala. Comedy, with Eric McCormack and Debra MessingSitcom
07:10The King of Queens[SUB REP]
Series 5. Episode 16/25: Golden Moldy
Doug and Carrie travel to the Caribbean, but their holiday in the sun is interrupted by a phone call from Arthur, who has a serious problem on his hands in the basement. Sitcom, starring Kevin JamesSitcom
07:35The King of Queens[SUB REP]
Series 5. Episode 17/25: S'Poor House
Doug asks his father for financial aid to help deal with the mould problem in his house. When he receives some paternal advice on saving for a rainy day, he starts to wonder where all his money goes - and decides Carrie's wild spending is the problem. Comedy, starring Kevin JamesSitcom
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 7. Episode 25/25: Robert's Wedding - Part Two
Part two of two. Robert and Amy finally get married in the Barone family tradition. Brad Garrett and Monica Horan starSitcom
08:30Everybody Loves Raymond[SUB REP]
Series 8. Episode 1/23: Fun with Debra
Debra complains she and Ray do not have any fun together - and persuades him to let her join him in his game of golf. Ray Romano and Patricia Heaton starSitcom
09:00Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 9. Episode 8/24: The Two Hundredth Episode
The Seattle shrink celebrates his 2,000th radio broadcast and is disappointed to find he has a recording of every show but one, forcing him to turn to an obsessive fan for a copy of the elusive tape. Guest starring computer tycoon Bill GatesSitcom
09:30Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 9. Episode 9/24: Sharing Kirby
Niles and Frasier befriend Kirby, whose girlfriend's grandfather is a well-known wine connoisseur. Martin is forced to wear a device to monitor his blood pressure. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and David Hyde PierceSitcom
10:00Frasier[SUB REP]
Series 9. Episode 10/24: Junior Agent
The Seattle shrink's agent Bebe puts her lowly assistant in charge of his career when a hot new radio psychiatrist appears on the scene. Meanwhile, Martin seems unwilling to make a doctor's appointment. Comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer and John MahoneySitcom
10:30Undercover Boss[SUB HD REP]
Series 5. Episode 2/6
Geoff Zeidler of security company Securitas spearheaded a risky takeover of two rival firms just as the worldwide recession took hold, and he is now responsible for 12,000 new officers as well as his existing workforce. Going undercover, he wants to find out if his staff are of the high calibre that customers expect, but he is shocked to discover how much pressure they are under as he hears surprising stories of personal sacrifice and learns that some of them experience racial abuse and violence in their jobsDocumentary
11:30Four in a Bed[SUB HD REP]
Series 8. Episode 6/20
The competition begins at 20 Albany Street in Edinburgh, where mother-and-daughter duo Denise and Heather Walker hope their B&B will impress their fellow competitors. First impressions seem a success, with each of the guests happy with the high standards of the rooms, however one couple does not hesitate to comment on their poor night's sleepGeneral Show/Game Show
12:00Channel 4 News Summary[SUB]
Includes news headlines and weatherNews/Weather
12:05Four in a Bed[SUB HD REP]
Series 8. Episode 7/20
The B&B owners visit The Highland Guesthouse in Callander, run by Tom and Angela Jones. The guests are impressed by the hotel's cleanliness on arrival, but not everyone enjoys a traditional Scottish dancing activity - or the morning bagpipesGeneral Show/Game Show
12:35Four in a Bed[SUB HD REP]
Series 8. Episode 8/20
The third B&B of the week is the Fairfax Hotel in Skegness, where owner Kath Milward makes an early departure after a subdued dinner fails to wow her guests. Things do not look up for the hostess when Denise and Heather Walker discover something in her toilet, and Tom and Angela Jones decide to go on the hunt for a new roomGeneral Show/Game Show
13:05Four in a Bed[SUB HD REP]
Series 8. Episode 9/20
Chris and Sally Brealey welcome the contestants to the Wolds Village guest house in Bainton, East Yorkshire, where they will stay in themed rooms, but Kath Milward is not impressed with the gothic decor. The hosts organise an afternoon of mosaic-making, pitting Denise Walker against her artistic daughter Heather, and their breakfast gets the guests' approval. However, at feedback time some criticism comes as a shockGeneral Show/Game Show
13:40Four in a Bed[SUB HD REP]
Series 8. Episode 10/20
The B&B owners settle some scores and discover how much they have been paid, before the winner is revealed. Denise and Heather Walker from Albany Street tackle what they feel are unfair comments over the comfort of one their beds, while Tom and Angela Jones of the Highland Guest House apologise for the lingering paint smells during Chris and Sally Brealey's time at their hotel. Kath Milward from the Fairfax Hotel discusses her low hosting scores from the other owners and accuses them of not being sympathetic, and Chris and Sally Brealey of Wold's Village challenge a complaint about bed sizeGeneral Show/Game Show
14:10Phil Spencer: Secret Agent[SUB HD]
Series 7. Episode 17/20
In Berkshire, the property expert meets father and son Dan and Chester, who are trying to sell their home in Tilehurst, Reading. Buyers are finding the `blokey' feeling of the property off-putting - with a gym where a walk-in wardrobe should be, a desk where there should be a dining table and a motorbike in the back gardenDIY
15:10Countdown[SUB HD]
Dictionary Corner guest Jenny Eclair joins Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley for the words-and-numbers gameGame Show/Quiz
16:00Deal or No Deal[SUB AD HD]
Noel Edmonds hosts the high-stakes game show, which sees contestants trying to hold their nerve in the hope of walking away with £250,000 - instead of going home with nothing more than a pennyGame Show/Quiz
17:00Come Dine with Me[SUB HD]
Four hosts - Michelle Pannell, Tony Brooks, Gary Clark and Ami Mehta - compete to host the best dinner party in Chelmsford and Brentwood. One serves kebabs, while another has a staff of seven on hand at her wealthy home. Goat soup and a 1980s-inspired menu are also in store for the dinersChallenge/Reality Show/Cooking
18:00The Simpsons[SUB AD REP]
Series 20. Episode 5/21: Dangerous Curves
Homer and Marge remember the ups and downs of their marriage through a series of flashbacks, including the time they each began flirting with guests at a glamorous party - a situation that led to a food fight and an unexpected swim in the poolAnimated Movie/Drama/Sitcom/Comedy
18:30Hollyoaks[SUB AD HD]
Trevor and Freddie embark on a tense rescue mission when Big Bob takes a hostage and demands a significant ransom. The Lomax family is rocked by a threatening encounter, while a new development arises in the case against Finn - but it remains to be seen whether it will be enough to convict himSoap/Melodrama/Folkloric
19:00Channel 4 News[SUB]
Including sport and weatherNational News/General Sports/Weather
20:00Posh Pawn[SUB HD]
Series 2. Episode 2/2
Boss James Constantinou and the team appraise more items brought along by members of the public. A divorcee from Newcastle wants to sell her £185,000 necklace to pay for her children's private-school fees, a crystal-covered drum kit used on a Kylie Minogue tour catches the eye of staff member Patrick, and a widowed pensioner hopes to make a fortune from her precious rings. Plus, a valuation doesn't come easy to the experts when a client turns up with a 7ft Terminator modelDocumentary
21:00Don't Stop the Music[SUB AD]
Series 1. Episode 2/2
In the concluding programme, the children's end-of-year results are due and James Rhodes waits to find out whether he was right to claim that music lessons can improve them. With the school in special measures, it's the only thing that will win round the hard-pressed and sceptical teachers. In the meantime, the classical pianist takes musical protest to the heart of Westminster and the people in charge of music education policy. He also rolls out his instrument amnesty nationwide with the help of some big-name supporters from the worlds of music and entertainmentEducation/General Education/Science/Factual Topics/Documentary
22:008 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown[SUB REP]
Series 4. Episode 2/3
Jimmy Carr hosts the comedy panel show's version of the famous quiz, with team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson joined by guests David Baddiel and Trevor Noah. Countdown regular Susie Dent is in Dictionary Corner with Joey Essex, while maths expert Rachel Riley provides the letters and numbers with help from Alex Horne and the Horne SectionGame Show/Quiz/Comedy
23:00Educating The East End[SUB AD REP]
Series 1. Episode 2/8
Head teacher Jenny Smith is determined to set two strong-minded boys off on the right path. Halil thinks he is the coolest kid at Frederick Bremer School, but despite his infectious laugh and `cheeky chappy' persona, he can't stay out of trouble. Meanwhile, Lemar doesn't like the stereotype of London `hoodies' hanging around the streets in big groups. His main ambition is to make it as a professional footballer, but staff are working hard to ensure he has other options availableDocumentary